National Assembly of Pakistan's Website


Client Details:

  • Client Name: National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Website:
  • Type: Official Website for the National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Location: Pakistan
  • Collaboration: In partnership with DeafTawk
  • Development Company: BXTrack Solutions

    Technical Stack:

    The project utilized a diverse set of technologies to ensure optimal performance, security, and user experience. The primary technologies used were:

    • PHP: The backbone of the website, PHP was used to create dynamic content and ensure seamless data retrieval and storage.
    • JavaScript: Essential for creating interactive elements and enhancing user experience.
    • HTML/CSS: The foundation of the website's structure and design.
    • SQL: Used for efficient data management and retrieval from the website's database.
    • Server Deployment: The website was deployed on a secure server, ensuring fast load times and robust security.

    Project Background:

    The National Assembly of Pakistan approached DeafTawk with the aim of making their legacy website accessible to everyone. Recognizing the expertise of BXTrack Solutions in web development, DeafTawk collaborated with us to revamp the 11-year-old platform.

    Collaboration with DeafTawk:

    DeafTawk's mission to empower the global deaf community added a unique perspective to the project. Their platform connects the deaf community with qualified sign language interpreters worldwide. This collaboration ensured the new website was inclusive, catering to the needs of all visitors, including those with hearing impairments.

    Building a Custom Widget for Accessibility:

    One of the standout features developed during this collaboration was a custom widget tailored to enhance website accessibility. This widget integrated seamlessly with the site's infrastructure, providing users with tools and options to customize their browsing experience according to their accessibility needs.

    Challenges & Solutions:

    • Data Optimization: The primary challenge was optimizing the website to handle gigabytes of session records. Through meticulous planning and advanced coding techniques, the website was made both robust and efficient.

    • Security: Given the sensitive nature of the data, implementing top-notch security measures was paramount. The team incorporated multiple layers of security protocols to safeguard the website against potential threats.

    • Guidelines Implementation: Adhering to international web standards and guidelines was crucial. The team ensured that the website met all necessary criteria for accessibility, security, and user experience.

    • Deployment on Government Servers: Upon completion, the success of the project led to another significant task - deploying the website on another government organization's servers. This was executed seamlessly, further solidifying the trust and relationship between the stakeholders.


    The revamped website for the National Assembly of Pakistan stands as a testament to the dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit of BXTrack Solutions and DeafTawk. It is a modern, secure, and inclusive platform that not only serves the needs of its visitors but also preserves the rich history and records of the National Assembly.