Desktop Software

Desktop Software

Creative Solutions, Creative Results

We have many years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals through custom software solutions based on a deep understanding of their unique processes, challenges and needs.

Core Development

BXTrack Solutions presents a unique service package to suit your needs! We've planned, built and implemented custom software solutions for over dozens of corporate clients - from oil and gas to healthcare and entertainment

Enterprise operations

Solving Problems, Building Brands

Applications for effective business workflows, organization-wide analytics, employee collaboration and engagement.

  • ERP systems
  • Workflow automation
  • HRM solutions
  • Finance management
  • Content management
  • Project management
Full-cycle custom application development

Core Business Areas

BXTrack Solutions develops software products from the ground up as well as takes up development at any stage of the software lifecycle.

Requirements gathering

BXTrack's business analysts possess extensive technological and domain-specific knowledge to collect, analyze, assess and structure our customers’ functional and nonfunctional requirements for their applications. This stage is followed with drawing up a detailed solution development roadmap.

Product design

Our team of UI and UX designers translates the collected requirements and prototypes into product design. We set up the product usage scenarios, navigation, and interactive components. We also define user personas and their paths to deliver an intuitive design.

Custom app development

BXTrack develops custom web and mobile applications while prioritizing their easy management, integration and scalability. We couple our development activities with continuous testing to check the solution's performance and behavior, as well as assess the functional health of all software components.


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